Ravikumar Chockalingam

As I see it...

The journey of a thousand miles does not begin with the first step, but with the idea of taking one. The only failure is what comes from giving up even before you tried.

You are all you have, always will, so take good care of yourself

About Me

Marcus Aurelius called life a catalog of uncertainties crowned by the sole certainty of death. Change, which is the only constant propels this world in unimaginable ways, as a conduit for all human existence. Often times, we resist the notion of change, stuck in our own skewed understanding of life. As our desire to seek for ourselves overshadows our readiness to give, when our selfishness to rise overtakes our ability to empathize, life silently marches on, leaving us sundered between a past and a future. My journey as a person involves a myriad of roles, some more important than the other, but all shaping my existence. As I connect the dots, I am grateful to share and eager to learn, understand, reflect and introspect the wonder that is life, and the privilege that comes with this journey. As a father, husband, psychiatrist and citizen of this world, I am here to share the things I have picked up along the way.