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Be PATIENT to not become ONE

Patience is a construct of time and temperament. An impatient mind can rarely rejoice the fruit of delayed gratification. As we tend to become restless around the notion of limited time, we also limit the scope of our limitless imagination. To be ‘here and now’ or to ‘live in the moment’ is also to counter our biological urge or an impulsive need to hurry into the next, into a world of uncertainty or the arena of the unknown.

An impatient mind preempts a future that is projected from memory of the past and unlike with reason, our foresight hijacks our present as we race to the future. The beauty of life and all the senses that prevail exist in the realm of the present and yet we sacrifice all this wonder to quench the thirst of our mind, not at rest. So, #slowdown

Almost all of anxiety is anticipatory. Fear and anxiety are rooted in evolution to protect from harm and danger and rests itself once danger dissipates. Today, we continue to fear what we don’t see and feel what our mind projects thrusting agony and despair to the unquiet mind. Sadly, it is our mind that dissipates and not the fear. So #liveinthepresent

Today will most certainly become yesterday by tomorrow and today’s experiences shall become part of the past that many deter and detest. So, why not start by painting a beautiful today that shall hang on the walls of your minds’ universe as you peek into a new dawn with the promise of tomorrow.

So, dwell in this moment, and let the beauty of today encapsulate you in beautiful ways. In case, this moment brings about a feeling less desired, be driven by hope and let that inspire you to continue to be grateful for the privilege that is life. irrespective of what this moment entails!!!!

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