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Happy New Year 2020

Like the baby guillemots about to take its first plunge, as we wait to step into yet another year in this seemingly unpredictable journey of life, here is a message that is one of #Hope, #Love & #promise. 

Much of our times are spent on meaningless dissension & worthless tribulation. A common ground is not common enough, nor is common sense. As we are turning out to be a generation of opposites, polarized in our views and divided in our action, I hope we can perceive #Life to be mostly in the gray. We quickly fall within groups created by perceived ideological beliefs or arbitrarily created value. Let our differences be personal while we remain bound by compassion; let our beliefs stay with us while our love encircle the world; let the faith lie in our heart while the good message it bears fly far, deep and wide. Let the common message be of hope, love & empathy.

You might scramble for more #time, more #money, more #health or more something, but if you are reading this, you are already better than most in this world. Our desperation makes us blinded to the gifts we possess & often make us oblivious to the privilege that is life. Our time and effort may not comply with our desires, but our efforts will most definitely make a difference, if not for you, for someone else. So what you do matter!

With no guarantees nor assurances, future belongs steadfast to those with unwavering guile & resounding optimism to rise each time they fall. The only failure is what comes with not trying. #DONTGIVEUP. While promises may have been broken and goals undelivered, keep looking for light WITHIN for a new path to sprout. Every door that shuts shall reverberate new ones to open, so instead of focusing on the ones that is closing, be ready for the ones that unfold. #BEREADY

A change of scenery works in glorious ways. While you carry many a baggage from one year to another, let go, not just to unload the ones you don’t need, but more importantly create space for new ones to join. We never truly let go of anything completely but holding on to things longer than you should is like the parachute waiting to be released. So, #LETGO

The promise of a better tomorrow lies with the hope that we will leave this world slightly better than we found it. Pay attention to the little things around, not just people, not just the life forms but this amazing marvel & gift bestowed upon us, the most endearing things of all called #earth. 

Walk away from opportunism towards values & integrity; walk away from shallow rhetoric towards realism and compassion. The existence of the world precedes you and will most certainly last well after your exit. As you temporarily inhabit this beautiful home, live a life of meaning, not just for yourself but everyone around. The time is #NOW!

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