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Homecoming – 2018

A chain of thoughts is tightly wrapped around the cortex of my brain, wrecking havoc to sanity or normalcy igniting the circuits that cause butterflies in my stomach. Some thoughts are hard to put in perspective, particularly the ones that lead you to choose a path, thereby defining your life. A career in psychiatry and the decision to move to the US fall within that scope. Hindsight bias is inherently fruitless though my diligence in evading it will still be unsuccessful. As I return home, or rather my second HOME, I have the earnest desire to return to India to live a life that includes a good measure of purpose and meaning not just for me but for everyone who I have the greatest fortune of association.

Like the water on its unending course along a river bed coming to terms with the unexpected tryst with a cliff to plunge into utter excitement, pleasure and incomprehensible joy only to hit the bottom to stagnate and continue its journey along the same old less exuberant path. The past 2 weeks is my time spent leaping off the cliff.

A thank you note will be too reductive and a dedication too expansive! So, I will rather be cautiously optimistic of future as I keep connecting the dots. India is many things to me and it’s not just that it offers unprecedented source of love and kindness; it also offers a significant amount of opportunity to express oneself, to live a life of meaning to others more than yourself, and today, I fly back from a world I was born to the world I chose; and I cant wait to come back to the world that I belong, in thought, in principle and in reality!

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