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You are not ALONE

Sometimes, when all you feel is a profound feeling of indignation, where life is reduced to sheer insignificance in the name of love OR when you stare at a volley of expectations, impossible to surmount, know you are not alone!

If you feel like a novice plugged into a race destined to only lose, no matter how hard you try or how heartfelt you cry, know that are not alone!

In the end, you may feel you fell short, no matter how hard you tried. If you feel you ran a race with no finish line all by yourself with everyone else running somewhere else,  Remember, you are not alone!

If you no longer want to win as it has become ever so elusive; and while you grapple with that perspective, which is hardly comforting or consoling, remember you are not alone!

If you run so there will always be a loser for everyone to know they did not come last, you are not alone!

For their #peace and need to continue along their path, you may feel you #Exist. For their failure to see what you are, If you feel you failed today, remember you are not alone. In understanding this meaning, you #Live

Get up and start to #RUN; if it’s too hard, #WALK; if that ain’t possible, MOVE; or at least get up and #STAND!

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